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A Geek Wedding


Stardate: June 6th, 2014

We all have a love for something that occupies our free time. Whether that be sport, cooking, music, literature, movies, or a particular TV show. For the latter you may wish to turn your phone off and curl up on the sofa with one of your favourite box sets. If it’s a particularly addictive series like Breaking Bad or 24 then you may not see daylight for an entire weekend. “Just one more” you tell yourself, before going through an entire season in one sitting. It’s like popping a pipe of Pringles and telling yourself you’ll only have one or two. Who are you kidding? Once you pop, you just can’t stop!

Television shows are extremely enticing. Especially those with a Science-Fiction or Fantasy element. In fact they become more than just TV shows. They become your great escape from the often tedious treadmill of real life. They whisk you off to other worlds where you can totally lose yourself, and forget about your everyday woes. Some people become so fond of a TV show that their love for it goes beyond just sitting at home and watching it on TV. They appreciate this show so much they they want the world to know about it, so they start buying t-shirts, backpacks, hats, or any other related memorabilia they can get their hands on. These people have now crossed the bridge between “casual viewer” to “fan” and there’s no going back.

This “passion” can sometimes tread on the toes of a romantic relationship. Your partner wants to go out for a romantic candlelit dinner, while you’d much rather sit indoors and watch “The Pyramids of Mars” or another classic Doctor Who serial from the 1970s. You’ve probably heard the term “golf widow” but this applies to just about anything where one person spends multiple hours doing something that their partner really has no time for. A modern day equivalent could be something like a “Candy Crush widow - or widower”.

When pastimes or fictional TV shows encroach more and more into your everyday lives then it can prove to be a huge problem, especially if one partner detests everything about the aforementioned passion. It’s almost like you’re sharing your life with your partner and his unhealthy obsession with a Timelord from the planet Gallifrey. When your other half decorates the front lounge to resemble the interior of the TARDIS then you know you’re in trouble.

However, if you both share this passion for fictional worlds then you may wish to embrace it together. So if you’re planning to marry the love of your life you may wish to incorporate the other love of your life into the proceedings. You can do this by having a “themed” wedding that highlights your love of a particular TV show or movie. This is affectionally known as a “geek” wedding.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present Exhibits A & B...

Like a shape-shifting alien from the planet Antos IV, geek weddings can take many forms, but they often revolve around Science-Fiction movies or TV shows like Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Star Wars. For such a wedding the bride might like to dress up as Princess Leia, River Song, or Lieutenant Uhura. While the groom may wish to dress up as Han Solo, Captain Kirk or an incarnation of The Doctor. If the wedding officiant is willing to play ball they may want to don a Chewbacca costume or something equally outlandish like a Stormtrooper outfit.

If you don’t wish to go the whole nine yards then it’s worth remembering that less is more. A nice traditional suit in TARDIS blue may be more in keeping with a traditional ceremony, while still reflecting your love for the series. Even better if it’s an old blue suit… that you borrowed (just make sure the tie is new).

Of course the theme doesn’t just stop at what the bride and groom wear. It comes into play for pretty much everything on your wedding day. The music, wedding party colors, favors, and even the cake. Check out these examples of deliciously geeky wedding cakes. With the TARDIS treat there's more calories on the inside...

Prior to the wedding you may wish to give your guests the "heads up" as to what they might expect on the day. A big clue that your wedding is going to be a bit "different" could be given in your wedding invitations by stating that the dress code is not the traditional black tie, but... Kilingon. Just don’t be surprised if you receive a lot of RSVP replies from your guests stating that they’ve already made plans that day...


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