I officially met Akin on May 24th, 2009 at a friend’s wedding reception. For some reason, Akin happened to walk by my sitting area, and I watched him intensely and I said to myself, “who wears bow tie in this day and age? Errrrrk” and I kept on eating. Hours later it was dance, dance, dance, and my girlfriends, and I decided to hit the dance floor to have some fun. I noticed someone was trying to dance with me, and as I turned around to see who it was, OH YES..!! It was the BOW TIE GUY… At this point, I could not escape him, so I danced with him for five minutes, and my girlfriend took a picture of us and I quickly walked away before he decided to ask for the digits.

The following week was my girlfriend’s traditional engagement and wedding ceremony, and the bow tie guy was there! Apparently he was also a friend of the bride. At the traditional wedding, when I saw Akin, all that went through my mind was, “Wow, he’s handsome”. Later that night I found out that he was the best man at the other wedding a week earlier hence the bow tie ☺ (Phew so many weddings… stay with me here guys lol). We didn’t get a chance to talk much at the engagement and wedding because I was very busy doing my bridesmaid duties. However, he asked if he could send me a Facebook friend request (YUP! I SAID FACEBOOK GUYS…) and he did a week after. So, I began to dig in a little more about this handsome fellow (some call it stalking, but I call it After no Facebook messages, no wall posts, and no pokes from Akin, fast forward to July 5th, I was invited to a fashion show event, and guess who I saw at the same event…YUP… AKIN…! Now, all that went through my mind was “Taiwo, play hard to get, do NOT even give him a chance”. We spoke, and I introduced him to my twin sister so she could meet the “HANDSOME GUY” I told her about. When the party was almost over, he asked me for my number, and I asked him to please repeat himself (like I did not hear him the first My reply was “If you really want my number, you know how to get it”. For some reason, I honestly winked at him in error after I made that statement and walked…and kept lamenting to Kehinde all through our ride home about this “accidental I want you right now”… (Kehinde’s response? “Well... let us hope he thinks something got stuck in your eye and you were trying to get it out by winking” lol)

A month later after a prayer meeting at Church, I noticed several missed calls from family and friends. However, one strange number with an Alabama area code caught my attention. In retrieving my messages, the strange Alabama area code number was from my very own Akinyode Oluwatosin Morakinyo.

During our courtship, Akin and I grew closer, and we literarily became inseparable. We knew we wanted to take it to the next level, but we kept committing our relationship to God through praying and fasting for His perfection and His will to be done in our lives. The most peaceful and amazing part for me was getting the confirmation from God that Akin was my ordained spouse and that was the best and the most important confirmation. It sealed the deal.

Akin, the feelings and love you have for me is so genuine and reassuring. You never made me question your feelings and the love you have for me. The joy and peace I feel is amazing and knowing that the Lord created you just for me to love, and to spend the rest of my life with is something I am eternally grateful to Him for. Thank you for loving me, and thank you for always taking care of me. I can’t wait to be your wife. I love you Akinyode Oluwatosin Morakinyo.