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12 years experience in designing wedding websites. Our sites are now viewable on

Your own personal website designer whom you can contact at any time.

We have our own dedicated server for hosting your site. This means faster loading times.

Personal wedding website designer allocated to you until your website is complete.

We design the entire site for you so all you do is send us your text and pictures.

Unlimited edits. Information can be added and edits can be made even after your website has
been launched.

As many couple photos as you want displayed on each page. These can be placed in rotating frames.

Part of our service includes Photoshop work on your photos to get the best results including the addition of exotic or theme backgrounds to your photos. See our before and after photos!

A Save The Date Page is uploaded as soon as you order. Click here for an example. We can also add your Travel Information page to your Save The Date Page if you need this information up before your real site is complete.











Useful wedding webpages including online RSVP and Guestbook. Log into our control panel to see who has rsvp'd for each event and edit or delete guestbook entries.

Fun wedding pages like a Quiz or Honeymoon Poll page can be designed for you.

Allow your guests to purchase your gifts online by having a Gift Registry page.

Provide details for all your wedding events, essential travel information, directions and accommodation details.

Show pictures and include write-ups of everyone in your Wedding Party. Click here for an example.

Play multiple songs on your site. The songs rotate so that the first song plays after the final song finishes.

Sophisticated wedding website photo galleries. Click here for an example of our Polaroid gallery. Click here for an example of our Avant Garde gallery. Captions can be included.

Include wedding photos after the event. We can add the actual wedding pictures to your Photo Gallery page or we don't mind linking to your Photographers site. We can also swap out your homepage pictures with wedding pictures after your wedding and change the Welcome page to a Thank-You page free of charge. Video can also be uploaded.

A free cd with your files can be posted to you after your website expires. A professional movie of your site can be created and put onto dvd for you for an additonal fee. Please contact us for details.

And much, much more - have a look at our portfolio of wedding websites.








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