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We have been designing wedding websites for 12 years and have pretty much seen every challenge there is when it comes to getting your wedding website up and running. Most other wedding website services on the web have only existed for a year or less - with us you have peace of mind that this has been our business for 12 years and we are still here and doing very well.

At we believe in providing a flexible website design service with a personal touch. We use our templates as a guideline but personalize each page for you. We don't charge for minor customizations. We provide a very personalized service and accommodate your wedding plan.

Your guests email addresses are kept completely confidential. This is important because some free services extract your guests email addresses when they use the RSVP function, and use this information for email advertising campaigns. Your wedding guests come to your wedding website to learn about you and your wedding - not to be bombarded with advertisements.

At WeddingOrg, your wedding website is ad free. Creating wedding websites is how we earn our money - not through advertisements. So it is in our best interests to provide you with the best wedding website possible, offering you uniqueness, quality, value, and excellent customer service.

Our designs are fresh and alive with careful thought, consideration, and planning behind them. Part of our service includes photoshop work on your photos to get the best results including the addition of exotic or theme backgrounds to your photos.

We are not a DIY service. Your site is not created in 5 minutes because we do everything for you and spend the time needed to make it the way you want it. We use templates but each page is customized to suit your photos and the information you want displayed. Every detail will be scrutinized to provide a unique, custom, and personalized web site for you.

Our packages are similar in price to our competitors but offer more value for money because they are full Flash wedding websites.

With the challenges wedding planning present, we know how important it is to have speedy service, especially when wedding invitations are ready to go. After all, if even one thing goes past its deadline, it can set back everything else. That is why we are committed to meeting our deadlines.

Being accessible by phone and replying swiftly to email and missed phone calls is one of the most important aspects of our business and one we take the most seriously. After all, we don't want to lose you because of a missed call or email!

We have a firm foundation in coding and design that allows us the freedom to be flexible in every aspect of our service. Add a wedding registry, gift registry or bridal shop page, a wedding party page, engagement page, honeymoon page - the list is endless. So if you have an idea for a new page option, design, or anything else, please feel free to share it with us!

We have testimonials from almost every bride and groom we have served - all have loved their personal wedding website.

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