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Personal Wedding Vows

We believe your wedding should be a bit like a house - the basic foundations are the same as every other house but the contents express your individuality. One way to personalize your wedding is to script your own wedding vows. It's a beautiful, personal way to say "I do!" and we offer some pointers on how best to approach this.

You need to make sure that your ceremony officiant will actually allow personalized wedding vows. Many houses of worship require you to recite a specific set of vows and even those that do accommodate personal vows may want to preview and approve them. 

Personal wedding vows will need to fit in with the rest of the service. Your officiant should guide you on this point.

Reciting your own vows will put extra pressure on you and your spouse. Make sure you are both "ok" with this. You will want to deliver your vows in a calm and relaxed manner. It is important that you have time to rehearse. You will likely be nervous during the delivery, so the more practice the better. You may want to keep your vows to yourselves until the wedding day as a romantic surprise to each other; or you may decide to work on your vows together. Whatever works best for you.

Aim to deliver your vows in a minute or so and remember you will have more to say about your spouse at the wedding reception. Last tip - Keep a paper copy of your vows in your pocket in case you need to have a quick look to settle the nerves just before the ceremony. 

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