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The Wedding Trap

Throwing an elaborate wedding bash is all well and good if you have an ample budget, but with the cost of weddings today this is not always the case. You’ll soon find costs mounting, especially on those “little” things that always add up. So the best way to save money on your wedding is to “prune” that list down a little and stick to your budget. If you’re on a tight budget it’s even more important to ask yourselves what you "need" for the big day versus what you "want". You may find the “want” list is the straw that breaks the camels back.

If you ask any married couple what they wish they had done differently in preparing for their wedding, some would say they wish they had not exceeded their budget by spending money on things they could have really done without. The wedding industry will tell you that you need it, but do you really and are there alternatives?

Wedding favors can be a good way of saying “thank you” to your guests. They can also be expensive and if not thoughtfully chosen, may be meaningless to your guest and be destined for the bin. Edible wedding favors, like muffins or a small pot of jam or honey have grown in popularity. If time permits you may even wish to venture down the “handmade” route as this could save you a small fortune. 

Lavish wedding cakes may also be baked to feed the 5,000 when you only have 100 guests. Bearing in mind that cakes go for $2-$15 a slice, those extra slices certainly add up! Perhaps a more modestly sized cake would be more budget-friendly. Smaller cakes can look equally impressive and with a good cake topper, such as a tiered formal center-piece, can look sophisticated and elegant.

The Wedding Party can consist of 8-12 bridesmaids and groomsmen that play a role at your wedding, but how many do you really need? Each one of the attendants requires a bouquet or boutonniere, a thank you gift, an invitation to the rehearsal dinner and various other parties. It is difficult when you’re trying to “please people” by not leaving anyone out, but omitting a few bridesmaids and groomsmen could potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

Last of all, don't burden your early start as a married couple with "wedding debt". Keep it simple, enjoy time with family and friends and enjoy the day. After-all, getting married is about tying the knot with your favorite person for life.

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